Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Kat Stacks,

Don't ever compare yourself to Superhead. Compared to you she is a smart business woman.. You on the other hand are just a little girl lost. Superhead had these rappers paying her bills, buying her shit, taking CARE OF HER! Kat, all you got was a cab fare & a wet pussy. I mean, really you only got cab fare THERE sometimes & had to find your own way home. LMAO. Can a bitch get a meal or something?? You might as well fuck with a regular dude. At least they'd come personally pick your ass up.

Its sad that women today feel the only way to obtain a little level of fame is to sleep with rappers & THEN air them out. I mean, if you REALLY wanna get the rappers for all they got you have to know how to work it. You better read "Confessions of a Video Vixen" again Kat Stacks. You see what Karrine did? She became "friends" with these rappers. They were all cool with her for years & then once they cut her off she gathered all of her information and made a book. You should've worked your ass into at least ONE Young Money video. C'mon now!

Kat Stacks is the dumbest bitch on twitter right now. & that's real.

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