Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Formspring Sucks.

Formspring sucks. At first it was kind of interesting. I had so many good questions that were kind of funny in the beginning then everything turned to sex. Everyone wanted to know if I sucked, licked, fucked... Who I sucked, licked & fucked. How many I sucked, licked & fucked. The kind of peens I like (as if a person would say short & skinny).. After awhile the questions because filled with hatred aimed at bringing me down.. Then they became messy bringing up VERY personal questions that only people who REALLY know me would know. So now I'm saying, formspring had its run. It was fun while it lasted. If you'd like to know ANYTHING else feel free to email me vividlybland@gmail.com or just leave a question in the comments. You can still be anonymous.. I just don't feel like dealing with the same sex questions ALL the time. Its not like any of you will sample my honey. You're better off watching porn.

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