Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Life We Live

Nobody cares about your mind or how good a person you are. How talented you are. How hard you work- nothing. Its all about your appearance; How you look on the outside. You can be mean as fuck, cruelest person alive but if you look good, people will still want to be around you.

How can you become famous if you aren't aesthetically pleasing? How can you achieve success if people don't first judge you by your FACE? Its true that you can become famous WITHOUT being attractive but all of these people are ridiculously talented. No mediocrity there. They are GREAT.

But then there are sooo many talentless people who achieve a certain level of stardom overnight that takes most people years to get their. Why? Because people like to look at them. People want to BE them. People want to emulate & imitate. Copy & Paste. BE them.

Nobody wants to see Beyonce perform in an ill-fitting moomoo. She will lose a big portion of her fan base if she performed in big tees & sweat pants. If she was obese, nobody would like her. Her body is essentially part of her 'brand'. If she didn't have an ass, nobody would care about Bey. Shiiid.. Kim Kardashian is famous for HER ass. I mean, what else does she do?

Men who only want their women to wear 6 inch stilletos on their feet because it looks sexy. Men who want their women to have tiny ass waist lines while still holding on to their curvaceous ass.

That shit isn't normal. No woman can have a 24-25 inch waistline with a 50inch ass NATURALLY. I don't care how many squats you do. Shiiid. My waistline is creeping around the 30inch mark and the ass is disgustingly huge as is.. imagine if I had my 25inch waistline still.. I'd be fucking some rapper. WHAT a life.

It's pretty sad that this is the way of life. Image is everything. Perfection is the goal or the illusion of perfection rather. Fake asses & fake breasts. Stapled stomachs. Hair weaves. Skin bleaching. Makeup. Body shapers. Eating disorders. Low self-esteem.

Life is all about the 'image'. Why would I want to carry around a $800 purse when I don't even have $20 inside my wallet? Why would I want to save up a few months pay just to buy some Christian Louboutin's so I can stunt on (WHO?!) with my red bottoms? Mother's spending child support checks to make sure they are dressed to the 9's in Dereon- keeping their hair & nails did while kids running around barefoot in the dirt? Niggas will spend they last for some damn rims or Jordans.. Car they don't own it. Living with they mama's. BUT they will have those rims.

What kind of world are we living in? Too cheap to buy health insurance but have no problem making it rain at the club.. Buying bottles. Where are your priorities?

Taking out an extra student loan JUST so you can stunt while you're in college? You know you gotta pay that shit back right?

Life is all about an 'image'. We strive to please others. We strive to obtain some level of fame. We strive for the attention & affection of others.. To be envied. What a life.. (to be continued...)

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