Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bland Hair

From now on I will be doing the majority of my hair posts on youtube and posting the videos here. Back in the day, I used to do videos ALL the time but they were only on facebook & youtube & myspace-- none for the blog. Its easier to speak about my hair using visual aids. Sometimes pictures aren't enough. Plus I think you guys should know how I sound. You will feel closer to me. Anywho the latest video is about my HAIR TYPE!!! I see naturals always talking about their 4a 4b hair & I just can't figure out what kind of hair I have. So watch the video & add your input if you like..


Yakitori said...

I HATE hair typing because I don't think it helps at all as far as hair care except to put people into boxes and there are far too many gray areas for it to be touted as a valid "science", but if I had to guess I'd say you were a 3b/c mix.

Bee Michelle said...

True.. but its easier to know which styles you may be able to pull off if you find someone with your type of hair. Hair typing seems a lil silly but everyone seems to know it in the natural world but ME.

Thanks for your comment :)

Yakitori said...

Well I mean that's just the typing DOESN'T tell you what styles you can or can't pull off, it's just how tight your curls are. Has nothing to do with texture or porosity. I dunno. I just really dislike listening to type 4 girls rue their hair because a type 3 girl did something that they think they can't have because they're curls are a tad smaller (like a silk wrap...has more to do with whether or not your hair is coarse or fine and it's porosity...nothing at all to do with pen springs or sharpie barrels for curl size).

I have type 4 hair and sure, there are a couple of limits. I'll never be able to get up, shake my head, and walk out the door and have what you were born with...but a twist-out gives me something similar. :)

^___^ Just attempting to clarify what meant. Hope I didn't come off as hostile at all.

Bee Michelle said...

No no no!! Don't apologize! You're just passionate about this topic. Makes me want to write about it. =]

I think the limits have to do with length and thickness rather than the curl pattern. I've seen some 4 hair chicks with beautiful styles! I just wanted to find someone with similar hair to me.

I do understand your statements from the previous comment and the one you just left. I'm a newbie to the natural world so I must ask questions and get feedback from others.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Yakitori said...

Ah cool beans and no problemo. And yeah, you're right, I am a bit passionate about it, lol. Not a "natural nazi" by any stretch of the imagination, but I really do want people to understand that just because a chick has loose hair, it doesn't mean she's mixed and that just because a chick has no curl definition whatsoever it doesn't mean she has to resign herself to puffs and blow-outs. I just want people to love and embrace what they have and take care of it. I'd be interested in what you'd have to say about it. I actually came across your blog because of a comment you left on another natural blog (I forget the name at the moment...) where you mentioned that you felt being natural was becoming trendy...and I agree. Far too many women are cutting their hair without realizing how much WORK it really is and then coming out sorely disappointed with the results and going RIGHT back to the relaxed thinking they must have "freak" hair or something.

Haha, I should write a blog myself but I'm not eloquent enough. XD