Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hair Update.. AGAIN.

Now yall know I'm pro Black Beauty/Natural Hair/Short Hair/Good Weave --- WHATEVER!! lol.

Please remember that I am in NO WAY against relaxed hair, I just chose to not have any harsh chemicals on my head/hair. I read in some article about an autopsy on a lady with relaxed hair revealed that she had mildew underneath her scalp. MILDEW!! Why would you put something on your hair that could eat through a metal can?? THINK about it! I have never colored my hair.. I don't plan on doing that either. I have too many health issues to deal with adding the extra stress of relaxers. 

I once had long straight pressed hair. Way past my shoulders. Took me two whole years to grow out my perm. The healthiest my hair ever was. I saw my classmates & their silky bouncy hair & i was so jealous. My greasy lifeless heavy hair just didn't compare to theirs. I begged my mommy for ANOTHER relaxer & she finally agreed. My hair broke off once again. Yes, I went natural ONCE before & I still didn't learn my lesson. My mother's hair is thinning at the crown. I fear that my hair will do the same when I'm her age. That's SCARY! I'll stick with my jheri curl-esque hair for now. 


Yakitori said...

Ohmygod, Mildew under the scalp??? Hell nah!!! *shudders*

I think your hair looks fantastic, not jheri curl at all (jheri curls tend to look bad imo...)

Bee Michelle said...

lol thanks. I call it a jheri curl bc of how much shrinkage i have.. & how i have to moisturize it to death to get it lookin shiny n shit.