Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drake, We need to talk..

I missed Drake on Ustream last night. If you read this blog regularly then you KNOW that I absolutely LOOOOOVE Aubrey Drake Graham & I honestly believe he is my "Future Husband" :)

If I ever meet Drake, I have a list of things to discuss with him. Mostly about his sudden departure from Degrassi. I need to know how did the stem cell research go in Europe & if he can walk again. I need to know if he was EVER able to have an erection. I need to know if Jimmy's parents are still together or did he tell him mom about the affair Mr. Brooks was having with his secretary. Yes, Jimmy you NEED to talk to me about this. I hate that they just dropped my favorite characters off like that.. I grew up with Jimmy & Paige, Spinner, Emma, Manny, Liberty.. the WHOLE gang. I cried when Jimmy got shot. I cried when JT was stabbed and killed. I learned that you can get STDs from giving head because of Emma being in the ravine. SMH.

I'm just saying, Drizzy, call me up. All you have to do is FOLLOW me on twitter, send me a DM, & we'll chop it up. OR how about you holla at me after your show May 20th in Houston =]=]=] that would be GRAND

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