Friday, April 30, 2010

Attention Seekers

I made the mistake of clicking on someone's formspring & finding a few questions in my 'inbox'. Well unfortunately, it was one that called me an attention seeker. The actual question was:

So how muchu like to seek for attention like its really sad that u do da most jus ppl can respound to ur stupid action.....grow up and stop being a slut....mand u neva gonna get a relationship because u are fucking crazy smh #datsall

Now, I normally would've deleted it but I felt the need to address this issue. Yes, I tweet about sex, smoking, drinking, head etc.. I tweet about politics, music, life, books & everything else as well. I tweet & blog to express myself, not for attention. If I really wanted attention I'd put on some booty short or my shortest, tightest dress- highest heels and go out to a club or something. This internet shit was NEVER for attention. I've been blogging for years. I just need an outlet to express myself at times. I can't just call up my friend or text her ALL of my random thoughts or rants. She'd get fed up with me, as I would with her or anyone else who did that.

The slut comment? Well I mean it is what it is. I like sex. I talk about it quite frequently.. Whether its about me getting it, not getting any or pleasing myself. Some may say this is the reason why I'm single but I was single when I was a virgin. I was single when I never talked about sex. I was single before I got on twitter. I was single before I started this blog. I NEVER talked about sex until quite recently. Read my earlier posts. They are all about love & relationships or music. Or my day.

None of the guys who I am pursuing read this damn blog or follow me on twitter. The one guy who does read my blog that I know about doesn't really mind my sex talk because the majority of them are directed towards him.

& My favorite comment: You're fucking crazy. I've been called crazy forever. I don't see it. I know who wrote this fucking comment. The damn Jamaican. He claims he didn't but its plagued with bad grammar & thats exactly how his bitch ass writes shit. I don't see why any person, him or anyone, would be upset at me because I seem to seek attention. Half of the time I'm writing to myself. I live in my head. If you don't like it- fuck you. I don't beg people to read my blog on twitter or my facebook or to reply to me. This is MY outlet. My place to express myself. Step your grammar up before you step to me. I will verbally assassinate you. El fin.


DevyneMyzT said...

Girl BOO!'
Tell these mafuckin hatas to KICK ROCKS witha open toed shoe! Getdafuggoffa my girl blog if you ain't got shit constructive to say!

Bee Michelle said...

thanks hun :)