Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fuck Kat Stacks

I told myself I wouldn't blog about Kat Stacks.. I can't support fuckery. I'm glad twitter deleted her account. She's annoying. A wannabe Superhead who made herself look stupid all while tryin to blast YOUNG MONEY. Shawty was fucking for free. Only got cab fare to go over there to fuck these rappers. Please, you will never be Superhead. She was being taken care of by BIG rappers, not just some up & coming young boys. Karrine Steffans was getting MONEY. She was in music videos. Rappers put her on. That's why she was PAID to write a book, & you had to blast your business on a blog spot. (Yay Blogger!) I'm not even gonna link up to her blog because she sounds stupid. She is stupid. I don't respect her. If you wanna play run tell that, get the paper BEFORE hand. Tiger Woods mistresses were paid for their stories-- you aint get shit but a sloppy pussy. Dumb broad. Fuck Kat Stacks.

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