Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shit That Annoys Me..

I rarely get Honesty Box/Formspring questions & comments anymore.. & when I do, I normally ignore recklessness lol.. Anywho, the lastest question says: "You look crazy... Are you crazy?"

*eye roll* I'm not crazy. I'm just Bee. I live in my own little world & follow my own set of rules. I do things just because. I love life & I live. What's crazy about that.

Sometimes people make comments on twitter or statements in reference to girls who are going natural. Such as "Don't say you're bald because you're going natural, yo ass just bald" "Going natural is just your excuse for not doing your hair.."

I'm NOT bald. I have way more hair than some people who have been trying to grow their hair for years. I do my hair DAILY. I never walk out the house without doing something to my head. Its not my fault that to you a wash-n-go or braid/twist out is NOT a true style because I didn't spend $$$ or hours in a salon. *eye roll*

I know they aren't talking directly to me but something it just irks me because I'm apart of the "natural community" now.

I sometimes wish that I wasn't natural so that I wouldn't feel apart of a "movement". Never wanted to be an organic mother earth type chick... That's not my style. I just wanted chemical free healthy hair. *sigh*

Okay that's enough for today. New pics?? sure :)


Cambridge Jenkins IV said...

love it. like the hair, too. stay strong and tell those SUCKAAAS.

Bee Michelle said...

thank you hun :)

Cambridge Jenkins IV said...

any time

by the way--do you make up the words for the word verification? they are hilarious.


Bee Michelle said...

hahahaha.. i wish i did.. but i don't. sorry.

Cambridge Jenkins IV said...

i know u don't :-) it would be cool if we were allowed to, tho.