Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Adventures Of Bobby Ray [B.o.B]

I gave B.o.B a chance just like i gave that Wiz Khalifa dude.. Umm. Kush&Orange Juice is still suckish.. But back to Bobby Ray. Everyone should BUY this cd now. Not your traditional rap/hip hop album. A tad bit more alternative. You can listen to this & not feel like you're getting dumber. I'm actually glad I bought this cd on itunes now.. Its definitely worth the $$ spent. My favorite track is Airplanes. OMG. I'm in love with B.o.B now :):):) --- & Bet I which features T.I. & somebody else.. Is it bad that I feel like twerking to this song? I'd break a dude off to this beat while blowing.. ok I'm done. Go get it.. now.

".. matter fact, give me 15 minutes & bag of bud I bet I bust."

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