Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rules to Sex

The Rules to having a purely sexual relationship with NOTHING more than just sex. No strings attached, nothing.

1. We are not friends. We’re just having sex.

The number one rule that is always broken. Once you have an inkling of some type of feelings for the other, you no longer have a purely sexual relationship. The most powerful connection is one between friends. Easiest way to fall for someone is to first become their friend. If you just want them to be your sex toy, don’t begin ANY type of relationship with them.

2. All communication should be kept at a minimum just to schedule in a sex date.

Texting them all day will break the FIRST rule thus ruining this purely sexual fling. If you’re texting/calling or communicating on a constant basis about your day, life, future plans you are becoming more… More than what you should be. Feelings are being formed. You’re falling. STOP.

No flirty texts. No sexting. All correspondence should be as follows: “When are you free?” “Would you like to meet up then?” “I’ll bring the condoms” “Okay bye” – That’s IT.

3. No kissing, no foreplay, JUST SEX.

Kissing is the most passionate thing you can do. Don’t kiss them. Don’t engage in foreplay. Just HAVE SEX! If you do anything more you will fall for them.

4. No hanging out.

Are you guys watching a movie? STOP. If you’ve been around each other for longer than 10mins and nothing has happened, its time to leave. You are NOT a friend. You are just there for sex.

5. No cuddling.

Simple. Cuddling is just too much. Too close.


Break any of these five rules and you might as well become more.. You’re catching feelings. Eventually you will want more.

Also, all sexual flings should last less than 6 months. You should have sex no more than 3 times a month. If less than that, the sexual fling can be extended to up to a year. That is all.  After that, cease ALL COMMUNICATION & move on.

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