Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Need Love, Money.. & You :)

I need to get the hell out of here.. NOW! I've been working my buns off to pay off my tuition.. Credit Card bills.. Loans. Grrrr.. Its almost TOO much for this little Bee to handle. I know I'll make do somehow. That's why I'm not in ATL now. That's why I'm missing my hun buns & loves (tear), That's why I'm soooo freaking pissed off. lol. All i need is $200 & i'll be on my way to visit them. I'm tired of living in the middle of who the hell wants to be here, texas. You're more than welcomed to HELP a sister out :) just click here:Bee Needs You :) I don't like asking for shit but.. If you'd like to give, go right ahead. I hate flying standby but I mean, Whatever it takes to see my future Husband. lol :)

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