Monday, April 19, 2010

Groupie Love

Some lightskin dude in lil wayne's entourage tried to talk to me. He was ugly. I didnt get his name. said he was a rapper. it was gudda gudda. Told me he was about to blow up & shit & that I missed my "blessing in disguise" like he was gonna trick money or something. smh.. this was a couple of years ago though.. back when i was talkin to the fake road manager "montana" oh lawd.. im no groupie. but then again i could be making all of this up =/ I have groupie thoughts.. I'm not gonna act like i wouldnt smash a rapper first night.. i'd probably smash the homie first night if i wanted to. That's just how I am. I'm not gonna act like I'm all innocent when I'm not. That I wouldn't do some shit that SHE does or that she is beneath me. We all know that money & fame makes some people look better. We desire the lifestyle. We want to be around these men with money&power. Nothing wrong with that. How many times have you smashed a broke regular dude because you liked him or he was cute?? Okay same with a rapper. You like him (his image) & find him attractive. You smash or want to smash. Nothing wrong with that. Now I wouldn't blog about it & give names & shit because that's not Bee's style. I'll tell the story of what went down but it would just be like any old Tom.. No real names or incriminating evidence. Okay I'm done. Aint nothing wrong with a lil groupie love

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