Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So Drake's album has been pushed back from May 25th to June 15th.. SMH. I'm waiting Drizzy. I'll see you in May.. Pick me up at 7? cool.
&& the A.Keys/Bey vid won't be released for awhile.. grrr. They filmed this shit back in February I believe. I don't even wanna see it. The song sucks, I just like Bey & wanna see what she does in the video. But Unthinkable is my jam (co-written by my future Husband Aubrey Drake Graham *big smiles*) so this is fine.. I guess...
Alicia explains:
"Expect it right after my "Un-Thinkable" video. It's kind of nice that I have such a great video (with) such a great artist in the can. They're going to be able to see the "Un-Thinkable" video first and then see "Put It in a Love Song," but it probably won't come until closer to this summer."

"He [Drake] won't be in the video. That's too obvious. (But) he's a great guy. I'm really proud of all the things he's been able to achieve, and we're most likely going to do some kind of remix for the song that'll be really good. There'll be more of me and Drake."

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