Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers,

I need to know who reads & what not & if you actually blog. I've followed all of the followers of VB back I believe. If I haven't let me know! I love reading about everything besides fashion because I really don't care about overpriced items that I won't ever be able to afford unless I'm famous.. & when I'm famous I'll still be as frugal as I am now. :):):) Also, I wanna know whose on twitter & who follows me. Always up for following interesting people.

&& I'm looking for another vividly bland person to possibly write on here as well. Thinking of buying a website. Thinking about including an "ask Bee" section. Considering a bunch of blah blah blah.. I get so many views a day but hardly any comments.. Just wondering why you're lurking lol or if you just like to read what I post OR you're one of those people who don't like me & love to see wtf I'm doing.

Well that's enough for now. Please forgive my grammar. Its 7am. Been up since 3am.

♥ Bee


UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Hey! I read your blog (I'm sure you noticed though lol). I like your writing style. That collabo idea you have sounds cool...I might need someone else to blog with to motivate me since I procrastinate about it when I do it myself. Ummm I don't think my e-mail address is listed on my profile but just leave me a comment or whatever if you're interested.

Cambridge Jenkins IV said...

I'm reading ur blog now, and i'm sure i'll read it more in the future. i'd like to collab, too. might motivate me to catch up on my own blog, and... i think it'd be cool to collab with someone as equally vivid and bland as i have the ability to be. hit me up, pls.

Bee Michelle said...

Thanks you guys!! I'll be contacting you soon :) If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to email me:

or just leave a comment.

iDream said...

One of the BIG reasons why you probably get more views than comments is that you are one of the view bblogs that don't allow anonymous commentors. i'm guessing alot of people don't have accounts and don't wish to create one.

Bee Michelle said...

I thought about that.. I made it THIS way so I wouldn't get a bunch of hateful comments from anonymous ppl. It was pretty cruel in the beginning. I'm a hated person for some reason lol. I don't really care too much about comments.. :) but they are always nice/welcomed.

Alesia-Mason said...

Ok so I blog and you don't follow me. I def need tips on how to attract more followers!

Bee Michelle said...

I'm following you now :)

I gained most of my followers from Twitter. If you write, people will read it. Don't worry about the follower number though. Many readers don't have Accounts.

I promote my blog on ALL of my social networking sites though. I've had Vividly Bland since 2007/2008 I believe.. but I've been blogging for YEARS. People know that & they read what I write. I get about 250 views a day according to my counter so.. yeah.

Happy Blogging :)