Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let It Go Bee

I have a thing for guys who are 1,000 miles away or who doesn’t even know I exist. Why? I don’t know. It’s always been this way. I fall so damn hard & fast. Ridiculously fast. The bad thing is I never know when to let go. How long is too long to be obsessed with some guy??? How long can you stay friends with someone before you feel like its time to take the plunge into something MORE?

How long am I going to write Mrs. _____ all over my binders nshit? How long am I going to name our kids?? I mean little Parker Brielle & Aleia Michelle are dying to meet daddy… How long will I stalk your myspace, facebook, & twitter dying to see if you have any new pictures or videos?? How long will I talk about you to my friends about you & they say “Oh my. You love him…” & I brush it off like “No.. I don’t love him..” but I honestly don’t know if it’s love or not. I just know that I would love to see where this could go & what this could be.

Blah. I’m sorry you guys. Sometimes I just have a moment. Blame the hormones. I do have a legit problem. I never know when to let go, fall back, move one.. The same guy I was crushing on in 2008 is the very guy I am still madly & deeply into right now in 2010. Sad. Brittney is consistent. Okay I’m done.. for now.

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