Friday, April 16, 2010

Relationship My Ass

Some women give men to much power. Yall are fucking it up for the rest of us single women out here. I have a couple of friends who are involved with guys who are NOT ready to make a commitment yet. I myself have heard those words from grown ass men who claim that they are just “not ready to be in a relationship right now.” Major *eye roll* from the Philippines!

How can you NOT be ready for a relationship with someone you’ve been hanging out with & smashing for the last few months? The real answer is YOU DON’T WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH THEM! & for good reason. You’re getting everything you want or need from that person without having to admit that you’re taken.

You are free to smash any female you want because of a wack ass technicality. You’re single. Blah.
How many times have I been somewhere with a friend who says she can’t wear a certain outfit because “he’s gonna get mad” or HE doesn’t want her to talk to any other guys. This same motherfucker who just told you he wasn’t ready for a damn relationship is acting like he is your father/man right now by dictating what you can or cannot wear & who you can or cannot associate yourself with. It’s like he’s staking a claim on the land that is your BODY so that no other person can snatch up your gold mines first. Hmph! How selfish!
Don’t go through my call logs & inbox to see who I’m communicating with if WE can’t open up the lines of communication and become more than just a ‘friend with benefits’.

See you got it all fucked up. The benefits part means that we are friends, we hang out & fuck around but we don’t have to do all that checkin in ish. We don’t have to just be with you. We can fuck whoever. Talk to whoever. Hang out with WHOEVER. All the perks of a relationship without the drama. But if you are just going to be my bed bud, you must follow the RULES. If you find yourself getting jealous or wanting to break those ‘rules’, I advise you to reevaluate the situation. Maybe you should make it official. Put a title on it. Change that good ol’ facebook status to in a relationship with Bee Sayuri Michelle & we can make this thang OFFICIAL. Until then. I guess you can just be ‘complicated’ lmao.

But seriously, my fellow women, & MEN, who are out here technically SINGLE, please do the right thing. Don’t question them, & don’t let them question you. You’re single so act like it. :)

**Actually, I don’t care if you ARE my man.. I don’t think that I’d actually stop wearing mini dresses or short shorts because you say so.. Maybe that’s why I’m single**

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