Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mango Butter & Boobs

I'm bored. Up early as hell. Can't sleep *sigh* but i'm here. I really don't know WHAT to blog about. Maybe my hair. Okay so I started using Elasta QP mango butter & olive oil. OMG my hair feels LOVELY! & my curls & coils are really hydrated & nice. I'll be trying out peppermint oil soon as well :).

Yes, I woke up took pics of my hair which is why i have on NO makeup. Lol. & yes i still have on my freaking mini sweater dress still. I was THAT tired that I didn't get into my pjs *sigh*.

The other day was #TittyTuesday. I posted pics then as well. I only did it because I like my face in these flicks. You like? 

Narcissistic? Maybe, but I do believe I have a pretty face. Very pretty. I know what angles work best for me. Thats what all those years in high school watching Top Model & taking millions of pics will do for ya. I practice in the mirror daily. It's how I accept my "flaws" & work with what God, mommy, daddy & mother nature has given me :) 

The thing about me is that even if I didn't have a pretty face, and a pretty damn hot body to match I'd still have my personality, my mind, my wittiness; EVERYTHING that makes me unique. I love everything about myself & I wouldn't change a THING! You shouldn't either. If someone calls you ugly, don't fret. If you believe when you look in the mirror that you are the hottest thing on this side of the Brazos, YOU ARE. No one can tell you otherwise. Embrace your imperfections & work with it. I have scars on my face but you'd never know it. A smile works wonders. :)

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