Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm A Bitch

I know its wrong to call yourself a bitch but its true. I am a bitch. I get annoyed at the smallest shit. I'm snappy as hell. I have an attitude 24/7. I don't like to hold the phone for long periods of time because you're only talking about your problems. I don't care how you feel sometimes. I like to talk about myself.. or at times nothing at all. Is that wrong? Especially when you call me about something that doesn't interest me. I don't care about other people and their drama. Who they're sleeping with. How many kids they have. Blah blah blah blah. Is it bad that I live in my own world where only certain people matter? Many of the people you talk about don't matter. Grrr.. People tweeting annoys me sometimes. Lol. Bad I know. If I say something that is clearly a joke, its taken seriously & nobody gets the sarcasm. Must I put LOL or hehehe after every joke? I made a comment this morning about Kat Stacks being the real sign that the world was coming to an end & someone really took that shit seriously. Some people should just think & not tweet. Just shut up. The joke was poking fun at everyone saying the world was ending because of all the earthquakes and shit this year. I don't know bout yall but every time something catastrophic happens the old folks & church folk all say "the end is near.. oh lawd. the world ending soon! look at whats going on in the world". & i just laugh. When it ends we won't know.. It will be a surprise. Quit trying to predict shit & just live. Not like you can stop it. Okay i'm done. I'm a bitch.

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