Thursday, September 9, 2010

ANTM Cycle 15

Anyone who really knows me should know about my obsession with models, Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model. This year I noticed that there are like FOUR Texas girls representing!! Woot Woot! Yes, 4 Texans. There's 6'2" Ann from Dallas, sister's Chris & Terra from Arlington, and my favorite- Liz, who's also from Arlington.

This season is supposed to be all about High Fashion. Ah! Yessssss I live for this. Unfortunately I know that Tyra will spend the majority of the season making it all about herself as she did the opening. *eye roll* I was like Tyra, girl we ALL know how you were really skinny and awkward and how people made fun of you. We all get made fun of. Been hearing the same story for years now..

But no lie, I'm still working on my posing. Tyra has taught me well. Have you seen my pics? Shiiiiid I'm always posing unless I'm drunk. Smiling with my eyes is a must. If I were 4 inches taller and 30lbs lighter I'd so be a model. :)

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