Friday, September 24, 2010

Fuckery on my Timeline...

Coogi sweater AND you countin 1s? smh. Facebook Fuckery.

 Introducing- Shauntal Pussiewillhugadick Johnson. You think I'm playing? Search for her on facebook. She's 28 yet looks 48. Black aint supposed to crack.
 She done put that baby in a cheap purse. I bet the inside smells like black n milds & old pennies.
 Poor lil brown babies. *sigh* Now I want waffles.
 Cover art for 'Ye's new single. Haute.
 Kesh is amazing.
hopefully they'll come out with the standard unit brand for us Americans who don't understand the metric system. *_*

 this is NOT myspace! You do not ask for comments. smh
"That's a good look" *Bey voice* 

This bitch is fuckin hot now. I don't like her but like I do? Something about Nicki. I could be her friend though. And I like the new single. #PinkFriday

Well damn. Better call Maury.

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