Saturday, September 4, 2010

Something Smells Fishy…

Necole Bitchie tweeted: image

Like.. we NEVER saw a Chris Brown mug shot. TI & Tiny mugshots were everywhere. Lindsay Lohan’s as well. You’d think that if he really beat RiRi down and got arrested we’d have a mugshot. Idk man.. thats just weird. Maybe she hit him and messed his face up as well! No telling what may or may not have happened in that car that night… and who knows what secrets would have been revealed if the case had gone to trial.

according to LA city law mugshots are not released to the public unless the individual poses a threat to the public or its distribution will assist in the criminal investigation

really? hmmm.. i don’t really care. i still love me some Chris Brown. Deuces is #1. Takers is #1. Now that’s a good look.


subspencious said...

What NicholeBitchie don't understand that they can only release mugshots only of the person is charged with the crime. Chris being smarter than most celebrities He made a run for it lol. So by then the case was so high profile they would saw to it such leaks didn't happen. That or Chris Brown uses reputation protection lol

Anonymous said...

this is has been my main reason for thinking there is more to the story... i watch TMZ religiously. mugshot was never released. #justsayin'