Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beyonce is STILL the Queen. Bow Down.

Why must EVERYONE downplay the greatness of Beyonce? Not a day goes by that I can't see someone say how tired they are of Bey or how she's not that great or how she's this & that-- they can't let her be great. The most annoying thing is when someone brings a dead celebrity who was hot prior to Bey's reign as Queen and say "If [female artist] was alive now, there would be no Beyonce" "[female] would shit on Beyonce"... Ummm ok? And your point is??

Why can't you let Beyonce's p*ssy be great?! She makes good music, performs her ass off, works harder than anyone out right now, is married, looks good-- she's just fly. You can't say she's mean. You just don't like her because everyone else does. Please...

I mean, one guy said that if Lefteye were still alive, she'd shit on Beyonce. Umm Bey has been going strong for over 15yrs-- TLC was only hot briefly in the 90s. None of the members were successful on their own. *shrugs* Why even compare the two when they aren't even in the same category. Left eye was a rapper. Beyonce doesn't rap! smh..

Just because you throw up a dead celeb with a helluva legacy up against the Queen doesn't mean she'll be dethroned. My girl Beyonce SHITS on every artist out right now.. No female is doing what she's doing. She's only 29. STFU! Yall just love to hate on greatness.

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