Friday, September 3, 2010

Really Dude?! Smh

Tip you stay losing my dude. I mean REALLY?! For one you riding around smoking weed and YOU know on probation! Your ass should only be getting high while you at home. And then you have the nerve to allegedly have some ecstasy? Who taking that shit? That doesn’t even sound right.. But fuck the felony drug charges and shit. I’m just worried bout Tiny’s lips!

Okay I LOVe me some Tiny. Like REALLY love her! And I love her and T.I. together but… her lips are a no no! smh. Looking at old Xscape videos and pics of her you can tell she has had work done to her lips. Why would a black woman have to inject her lips with silicone? Ok okay so she has small lips, cool. I understand that. But plastic surgery on the face is a no no to me. Like, it just looks horrible. 


So maybe she didn't have her lips injected with something *side eye*.. They look fucked up. Duck lips. SMH. Its cool though. I still fuck with you Tiny.. Oh & BTW TI looks so freakin handsome in his mugshot thought. Yummy. I still don't know how I feel about the ecstasy.. smh

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subspencious said...

Oh come on. T.I. getting arrested...again. That is no surprise at all. The nigga can't stay one year out of prison. Make it so bad he keep caught at police check points for the same thing "probation violation" wither its gun or drugs. It was just a matter of time lol

But that is the best photo of T.I. I have seen yet lol.