Friday, September 3, 2010

My “ism” in 1997

My older siblings were so mean to me growing up (step-sisters and real brothers). They did everything they could to make me cry or feel bad about myself.They'd set me up just to get an easy laugh.. My step sisters decided to have a "talent show" The only catch was, you could only perform the songs that they recorded off the radio.. (97.9 The Box).. smh

So they ended up recording 3 songs: "Missing You" by Puffy & Faith Evans, "Dont wanna be a player.." by Big Pun & Joe & "On&On"- Erykah Badu. Mind you there were 5 of us who had to perform while my 2 oldest stepsister were the judges. Everyone picked their songs & partners but of course Bee was left out. I HAD to sing On & On by Erykah Badu.

They said it was because I was the ONLY person out of the five of us who knew that song.. and it was the only other “girl” song to sing. If you’ve ever been in a talent show you know there are just some songs you CAN’T sing & win. It HAS to be a song that everyone- men&women- can groove too. (Its a proven fact that if you sing “Weak” by SWV you will WIN. Not because you can sing really well but everyone will join in and sing WITH you).

Okay so I went in the back room and practiced the song making sure I had all the words right and sung it JUST like Badu. I even tied a towel on my head as a headwrap. I sat there and watched my brothers Marcus & Nathan sing “Don’t Wanna Be a Player No More” by Big Pun & Joe with their shades on and flashy shirts. They did a great job of course. Then Deedee and Brodrick sung “Missing You” by Puffy & Faith Evans and they killed it. So then it was my turn. I pulled up the vacuum cleaner and used it as a microphone. I sooo killed it. Or so I thought. While I was singing everyone was just snickering. smh. Meanies.

So then they revealed the scores. 100. 100. 60. Yess and when they said my score, the 60 they screamed & yelled it. And everyone started laughing. Of course I ran and hid under the kitchen cabinets and cried. They called me Miss 60 for years. I’d cry whenever I’d hear it.. smh. Mean ass.

But let it be known that I LOVED Erykah Badu wayyy back them. Its just that nobody else was feeling her when I was like 8 or 9. I was. I was one cool kid.

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