Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eff Small Talk

I absolutely hate small talk. I hate meaningless banter. Unless we text on a daily basis or I genuinely care about you, and you know it-- don't text me saying "What u doin?" unless you plan on saying you wanna hang out or you're inviting me somewhere.

I also hate guys that beat around the bush. Don't drag on an hour long text session just to say you wanna shag me. Just be like "Hey whats up? Im horny. Are you horny? If so, text me back so we can have sex." in ONE text.

I respond better to straightforwardness. I'm not 16. You do not need to pretend to care about what I'm doing or my feelings or act like you "like" me if your intentions are strictly physical. Save us both a lot of time honestly. Now this doesn't mean I'm really gonna just smash ANY guy just because they're blunt. This only means that I wont be utterly disgusted or pissed off that you came at me sideways. I'll hit you with the "lmao.. no thanks. try again later."

I know I aint a virgin, that dont mean I'm having sex with ya...

Because I'm SO blunt & open about sex, some guys choose to approach me as if I'm some common street whore. No honey. I'm still a lady & I expect to be treated as such. I've never had a one night stand because all of the guys I've had sex with actually liked hanging around me (besides a few ex's who now think i'm annoying & hate my guts... *shrugs*). Yes, we had sex & we weren't together but we talk all the time. Hang out. Spend the night. Cuddle. Watch movies. We're "friends".

Get to know me if you wanna get to know me, not because you want sex. If Mister hits me up like "lets have sex"... 70% chance that we will.

I wonder why its been XX months since I've had sex though. *_*

I'm a mess.

I hate small talk. Don't DM me "whats up" either. If you can't tweet me, then we dont need to converse. And dont hit me with the "everybody dont need to know what we talkin about". Eh pardona me! Basically you're insinuating that you don't want everyone to know that you're talkin to me as if you're tryna be sneaky. No you can't have my number. We have nothing to discuss. Plus you're afraid of small dogs.

Please. Not my type.

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