Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bishop & His Spiritual Sons

In regards to the Bishop Eddie Long hooplah: (Most likely my LAST public statement about the matter)

I dont see how any grown man is being taken advantage of by another grown man. I knew how to say no at 17/18. But then again it wasn't trips around the world in private jets. Yeah, to meet Beyonce... nvm. Really, a college student is sleeping with the Bishop & receiving free EVERYTHING?! Sounds like consensual sex to me. Yeah the Bishop is guilty of being "Gay" and using his money to lure young men but he didn't molest them.. (IDK maybe he did. Dont feel like reading anymore court documents & allegations).

I feel like these young men are only speaking out now because they were used up and tossed aside and found out they weren't the only one.. but i mean, isn't that what usually happens when you sleep with married men? Find out you're not the only mistress and then get upset about it? lol this is VERY reminiscent of the Tiger Woods fiasco.

Every mistress believes that they are special because this married man is choosing to step out of the sacred union with his wife with THEM-- until they find out about another mistress.

This is funny. El fin.

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subspencious said...

I can explain how he "took" advantage of these boys. The ones that he is having sex with....Them boys where gay from the start. Thats how. It just like a 30 year old teacher who fucking her teenage students. She break up with the students...and the boys snitch. Thats all, that simple. It the same reason why men get upset and post naked pictures of they ex-girlfriends online. Them little boys was tricking, so even if he wasn't doing some "gay shit" them boys was sapping him dry.

Hell, me personally I don't trust any man who try to be the father figure of any male who is 14 and older. By that age he should know what being a man supposed to be and what they aren't. Young males need discipline at that point not "Daddy" sounding like he Eddie Long is they fucking pimp. on some Knights Templar shit.