Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 23rd BDAY Tonya!


Not only is it Beyoncés birthday.. Its also my bestie Tonya’s bday as well :) I partied with her last night. Got nasty drunk. 58950_152609668091531_100000274966695_424425_7233025_n 58950_152609671424864_100000274966695_424426_3255081_n Tweeted “Everyone can see my vagina”.

Like.. I have NO idea why I tweeted that. smh. SAD. But yea.. I’ve been friends with Tonya for more than 10 years now! Since HIS days. WOW. That’s history. Drink up! Toast to the good life. 28663492n34417017_31181605_5789 n745655402_3206337_8226n34417774_33870376_1610 n745655402_298465_9846 n745655402_3206118_4876  n745655402_5126899_9049 n745655402_5177395_795 n745655402_5422381_7425

Damn girl! You’re old ;)

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