Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rihanna Outshined by 9 year old Willow Smith

Wait.. did anyone hear Rihanna's new single? Damn. Shawty has been pushed aside and forgotten because of the pure hotness of Willow Smith's new single "Whip My Hair" For more on the single & an interview with both her & Jay-Z, go on over to (because I so don't feel like copying what's already been written over & over again).

**I so see why Jay signed her to RocNation. Now THAT'S a good look. And i'm so glad someone made a fan video featuring my girl Bey whipping her hair. She IS the Queen =]**

A lot of people throwing shade at this little girl already. I say more power to her. Yes her parents are famous and she's only 9 but damn.. I love this song. I can't wait to play this in the car or dance to it at the club. *shrugs* 

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Audrey B. said...

I'm a like the biggest Rihanna I'm playing Whip My Hair as I type this! She kind of outshine RiRi with this one.