Monday, September 27, 2010

Church Folk Drama

In light of all the recent allegations of sexual misconduct between Bishop Eddie Long & three young men, I began to wonder.. I know, I'm always ranting about my religious beliefs and whatnot but whatever. Do some churchgoers praise their religious leaders instead of God himself? No matter what name you refer to your Heavenly Father as-- He is still God and your leaders are merely men with titles. Bishops, Priests, Pastors- whatever. It's just a title.

You cannot praise these people. You cannot think that they are on the same level as God. You cannot think that they're perfect. No man is perfect.

You do not need to attend a church or mosque or whatever to have a relationship with your God. You do not need to worship with others to strengthen your relationship with your God.

Whatever. I believe Eddie Long is guilty. He's so flashy. Of course he'd have some skeletons in his closet.

Oooh. Side note-- Remember in church before everyone had unlimited text and ish we'd pass notes to each other instead?? Just talkin about random stuff. Not paying attention to anything other than "What you doin later? What you do last night? Girl.. he's cute.. Do you see what Sister got on?" Ahh. The good ol' days.

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