Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweaty Lil Girl

I sweat too much and too easily. I can just be standing in a somewhat warm room and I'll begin to sweat. This becomes a problem when the sweatiness turns to stinky sweat. Gross. Its not really and underarm problem though.. just everywhere else. Pretty darn sad. I always end up with sweaty hair. Sweaty face. Sweaty back. Sweaty chest. Sweaty legs, thighs.. grrrr. Sweaty lil girl. I hate it. You cant put deodorant on your back or face or head! *eye roll* this is why I rarely wear makeup. does me no good! What can I do to keep from sweating? Help a sister out!
Yes.. this is my back after a night out *_*

see my face?! all shiny. smh

back, armpits, chest, neck, face.. every freakin where is sweaty. 


subspencious said...

use baby powder without starch as an antiperspirant.

Vividly Bland said...

so.. i'm gonna have baby powder all over my body? i cant put it on my face or on my head.. thats where i sweat the most.