Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is Cocaine the new "black"?

Once a drug becomes mainstream, it all goes downhill. I remember when NO ONE was smoking marijuana. If you did smoke it, no one knew about it. It was kept for the niggas on the block. A distant memory of the hippie age. Then around the early 00s, it began to become popular. Rappers smoked it. Celebs began to get busted with it.. Now it's becoming "legalized" aka MAINSTREAM. All I hear Wiz rap about is getting high. *shrugs*

Now the new "it" drug is Cocaine. Marijuana might as well be a pair of Ugg boots right now. Coke is IN! I remember Whitney adamantly saying how "Crack is wack." and how she made too much money to smoke crack. Yes honey, crack is wack. But cocaine?? Yep. That's all the rage right now. If you can afford a cocaine habit, you've made it. You're established. Nose candy. Powder. That white girl. Get you some Christina Aguilera!

First Soulja Boy, now newcomer Bruno Mars. smh. Hell, Kid Cudi just admitted to using cocaine. Why people? Marijuana just wasn't enough anymore. People are always in search of a better high. A higher high. Plus when you have all that money, everything is easier for you. You're feeling down, coke brings you up.

I once thought that cocaine was just a rich white girl drug. I thought of Suzie wearing a vile of coke around her neck taking a few hits in the bathroom between classes. Coke whores are the new it thing. *sigh*

Cocaine is the new black.

I'm never gonna fit in.

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