Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pornstar Pinky is a Rapper??

"Ima bad bitch. Yes ima bad bitch. Why you mad at me cuz you aint got no ass bitch?!" - Pinky

lmao. I fucks with that ONE line because I support Fuckery that goes along the lines of "Yes I'm bad & I have an ass.. That's why yall hoes don't like me. You don't have an ass! Hahahahahahaha"
Pinky's 4'11"?? well she's damn near a midget. They all have fat asses. Yes, i'm dry hating. But I mean, she can call herself a bad bitch if she wants to I guess.


Yakitori said...


Why are porn stars trying to become rappers nowadays???

Ain't gonna lie though, she's decent.

Vividly Bland said...

yea... she is decent. wayyyyy better than Brian Pumper but everyone's better than him.