Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Update for September

My hair was black. Boring. I was soo tired of it. I wanted to change it up a bit. Tried henna and it didn't change my hair enough.. Same with semi permanent color. So I decided to try a PERMANENT DYE. 
I used Dark & Lovely Red Hot Rhythm 376

and this is how it came out. More brown than red but remember I have virgin hair and I didn't bleach my hair prior. I was so scared of my hair falling out that I didn't leave it on as long as most people. LOL. But you can still kinda tell in this picture. Unfortunately webcam doesn't do my lucious locks justice but I don't have my flashable camera. *sigh* Trust, it's super cute though.

The dye seemed to loosen my curls a bit and make them stand out more. PLUS it brings out my lovely skin tone. :) I like it.

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