Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The NOT So Bad Girls Club

Every week I tune in expecting these girls to be really “bad” and they end up crying more than us not so bad bitches. As you may know, I auditioned for that show and surprisingly didn’t get cast. (They are SO missing out. I would be AWESOME on tv. I mean, just think about it! Their LOSS)

Anywho.. let’s break down these not so bad girls. There’s Catya. Hmmmm… She’s pretty. Nice body. My favorite bad girl. Probably the only one who I don’t have anything bad to say about.. besides her friends. She may just be the only true “bad girl”. Then there’s Kristen (is that her name?) The blonde? She’s not bad. She’s just spoiled, rich and has a temper when drunk. But then again I must say she is more on the bad side now after the LAST episode. She did steal off on that girl on the beach. I fucks with Blondie now. The newbie Kayleigh. Ugh.. NOT bad. Follower. Desperate to be friends with the girls. Booo! Lea.. Hmm she may be bad. I love how she continues to diss Brandy.. like just because she sleeps with married men doesn’t mean she’ll sleep with a malnourished stripper. Okay eff Lea for now. BRANDY! OMG!!! Desperate as hell! Like she is NOT cute. At all! She just throws shit all the time. She looks malnourished. Did you see how her stomach poked out?? Ew! She’s a stripper with no ass or tits. Lea doesn’t want her. Lea will kiss anyone BUT her. Boo Brandy! You’re not bad either. You’re so fuckin emotional. *eye roll* Then there’s Danielle and that other bitch. Idk her name.. They stick together. No one likes them. Scared to “pop off”. Not bad at all basically.

The final verdict?! They are not BAD Girls! They’re just bitchy. Most girls are like that. Oh ok you’re bad because you do drugs, fuck married men, and dress slutty? Oh okay.

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Dusty Reflection said...

Brandy has some serious issues. It was hilarious how mad she got b/c Lea wouldn't kiss her. Get over it bitch. No1 gives a damn you are trying to sleep. They're in Miami trying to have a good time.