Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rihanna Giving Major Shade to Drake

Did yall see that?! After Drake performed "Fancy" the camera zoomed in on Rihanna next to Katy Perry and she was moving that hand and saying something slick as hell like.. lol MAYJAH SHADE. I mean, he did blast their little rendezvous in "Fireworks". But please, Rihanna--- Ima kick Ursula's ass for allowing you to try out this RED hair... I can't say much though. I'm a BIG fan of the "Wendy" look;)

Fancy with the great Mary J. Love her..

The VMAs sucked this year. So much that I decided to NOT even blog about it. Not worth the effort unless you care about Chelsea's awkward lackluster performance, stale intermissions, random performances of songs no one knows/likes much, Gaga's love of Alexander McQueen and meat dresses, or pure yawn worthy material.... 

Oh let's have a toast for the douchebags.. Was 'Ye making a beat on stage? Gone head Kanye.

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Alesia-Mason said...

And you wonder why I say fucx Rihanna! She's just mad she's not fancy lol