Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clothing Line Cemetery

Fetish by EVE
I'm pretty sure EVE was the only person to ever wear Fetish. Track suits were in & out SO damn fast though. But not as fast as her TV Show EVE. Ahh.. What about rapping Eve?? 

Vokal by Nelly (why the fuck did Apple Bottoms survive though?)
I think Vokal had an accent mark over the A, which was great because Nelly was wearing that bandaid on his cheek then. Surprisingly I do remember this one guy who Always wore the red & white Vokal shirt with his red & white Jordans. But I mean, where is Vokal now?? 

Ugh. I forgot about Apple Bottoms for a minute. It was actually quite successful though I only saw white girls with wide flat asses wear em. I tried on a paid and it made my butt look long and wide. Like a Mexican booty. (no disrespect to my Mexicanas out there. I'm just saying.. ) You know those jeans without back pockets?? Yea thats how my butt looked. I couldn't believe that song came out & said something bout "apple bottoms jeans & boots with the fur..." both of which should be discontinued. 

Todd Smith- LL cool J
LMAO now no one EVER wore this shit. I mean, it ended up being sent to Sears. Like who shops at Sears for clothing?! For one he gave it a name to make it sound really fancy, like Sean John-esque. Marc Jacobs. Todd Smith. Ladies may love you but NO ONE loved your t-shirts with random scribbles and paint splatters. *sigh* with yo fine ass.

G.Unit clothing - 50cent
LMAO.. I used to laugh so hard when I'd see dudes wearing those awful tanks. It just screams Jail House to me. Incarceration Clothing. Sorry fiddy! You're funny on twitter though ;)

Shago - Bow Wow
I know i wasnt the only one who wanted a shago shirt. smh. Shad Gregory Moss = Shago. 87? His birth year of 1987. Classic. Every kid rapper thinks that other kids would wanna dress like him. Too bad most of his fans were tween girls like me who didnt wanna dress like a boy.

No Limit Clothing/P.Miller Shorties - Romeo& Master P
Ummm... No comment. I mean, it really represents the hood fashions dudes used to rock. The horrible loud pattern shirts. Or the classic Urban shirt. Plain T with the label across your chest. Nothing out of the ordinary..  Romeo is fine now though. Have you seen him?! Giiiiiirl....

Honorable mentions in the hood...
Melissa's & the FAKE melissa's with the random flower aka "Florissas"

Yums?? Who else has worn that besides Soulja Boy & random one hit wonders?? (aka all the dance song -- especially the Dallas one timers)

I'm surprised that Dereon is still going strong. Shit sucks. Same as Baby Phat. I feel like they are one in the same.

Phat Farm/Sean John/Rocawear-- they kinda get a pass because they still make money. *sigh* Only a matter of time. Though I remember hella folks rockin Phat Farm shoes nshit & Sean John!!! Not so much Rocawear.

And why is it that all urban clothing has their logo written across your chest with cursive writing? Like the cursive lettering makes it more fancy schmancy. smh.

Why would you wanna wear any of that shit though? You're a walking billboard for whatever brand you're wearing for FREE! Free advertisement. I'll be damned if I have Coogi plastered across my ass.

That's how they make their money from our community. Black folks are notorious for stunting when we aint got shit. As long as we have a damn label on we can be like "Check my feet, you aint got deez!" Or as 'Ye says.. "& i spent $400 bucks on this just to be like 'nigga you aint up on this!"

When will we learn?! Don't be a label whore..

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subspencious said...

LOL!! hell I wish sean john would make the list. Regular T-Shirts costing more than Van Heusen sitting side by side one another in JC penny lol