Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Did Chingy release a new album??

Wait. Wait. Chingy sold 683 albums?? wait. seriously? six hundred and eighty-three?

Furthermore, what 683 people actually thought to themselves "Aye, that new Chingy album came out.. lemme go buy it"

Chingy's latest album title? Success & Failure. Oh the irony..

Wait a goddamn minute! So Chingy's latest single from his album features Lil Flip?? You've got to be kidding me.

Those were a collection of tweets from yours truly once I figured out how many albums Chingy sold. Like WHO KNEW he actually released an album on September 7th of this year.. lol. AND he has a song with Lil Flip on the album. Oh lawd. Lil Flipper? I can NOT make this up. I mean, our blog gets more than 683 views   in a week. I mean we get that many in 2-3days.

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