Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Yo Name Iz - Kirko Bangz

I was doing my usual twitter shit & folks on my timeline started RT'n about some guy on the radio. Now I've seen the name thrown around a few times but I wrote him off as "another light skin rapper who looks good-- who just so happens to be from Texas". Like seriously, I've seen his name on blogs since I was a freshman at Spelman. I just wrote him off because I have this THING against rappers who don't rap about shit. Well, I must say that I actually LIKE Mr. Kirko Bangz (at least i like this song.. kinda wish it wasn't so auto-tuned out). I know, I know. Miss Anti-Rap actually likes a rapper who isn't Drake. Plus he's like cute, kinda in that "light skin college boy who all the girls like because he has hella tattoos" way. 

So his single is What Yo Name Iz. Find him on twitter (@KirkoBangz).. 

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