Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon

The sky was beautiful last night. I stared at it for hours. Couldn't believe that I could see Jupiter too! Yay!! I tried to take a pic but unfortunately I wasn't close enough to the sky for my funky phone to work. smh. 
Doesn't it look beautiful though?! Ahhhh.. I used to stare up at the sky when I was younger and think for so long that my head began to spin. I always asked "How much space is in space? Does it go on forever? Is it spherical like Earth? Will I ever get to travel into space? What does it smell like? Can I taste moon dust? Is there someone else staring at the same moon as I am right now thinking the same thing that I am?"
Yes I was a weird kid. Still ask myself those questions too. I often speak to the sky whenever I have one of my infamous crying moments. It helps free my heart from the sudden overwhelming sense of loneliness. At times I feel like no one understands me.. So I wander. Ahhhh. That went off on a tangent. I love the moon. I love the stars. I love the night sky. 

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