Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day Six

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) 

1.) Megan - Spelman sis that I love dearly. Been my girl since Summer 2007. I mean, we bonded over SMH. =] 
2.) Alan - He's awesome. One of the few males I actually care about. 
3.) Tonya - I don't know how long we've been friends but I'm just now realizing how alike we truly are! lol 10+ years strong?? 
4.) John - My birthday twin & my homie. So alike. Its crazy. We may be soul mates but like the friend kind. lol
5.) Brooke - My BFF. Total opposites but that's why we "click". 

All these people are special to me because regardless of where I am, the relationship doesn't really change. We see each other or go without speaking for awhile, when we reconnect its as if we never left. I hope no one feels slighted in any way because they were left out though....

This isn't fair. I have way more people. Okay lets say this. Family doesnt count so mommy, daddy, sister, brothers & cousins--- You mean a lot to me but this is for my non relatives.

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