Thursday, September 9, 2010

*HER*: Burning A Quran Day


I just read an article where a pastor is making September 11, 2010 “Burn a Quran Day” and his entire church congregation will be burning Qurans. Now I KNOW I am not the only person that is appalled by this blatant disregard for people’s choice in religion. I wont even go into the whole conspiracy aspect of 9/11 itself at this moment.
1st of all, just as there are different types of Christians , there are different types of Muslims. Not all Muslims sell bean pies and newspapers, just as not all are suicide bombers and extremists. How would you feel in whatever religion you have, if someone created a day to burn the book that you find sacred?
Oh, this is something I thought was interesting and a loaded statement at the same time. The Pastor responsible for this day stated, “We have to send them a message.” Yeah I know EXACTLY what message you will be sending ALL Muslims with that. That you don’t give a shit about their beliefs, and honestly no one should be surprised if they fight back. That’s like spitting in someone’s face, in my opinion.
“We are burning the book,” Jones said. “We are not killing someone. We are not murdering people.” < so THATS his argument. does it make it any better?
It seems like there is so much regression, and now that there is a Black President, a lot of the covert racism and prejudice that people kept internal is being unleashed all over America. And people are using the law, religion, and other false pretenses for their dirty deeds.
We really should work to stop it, before it gets any further out of control.
Oh yeah AND they created a FACEBOOK page for this day, which has 6000 fans… hmmm
Here are a few articles on this…

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subspencious said...

I read her blog also....humm that paster got some nerve. I wonder how many millions of black people died alone because of this country all in the name of Christianity. Then how many Arabs died at the hands of Christians over 1,000 years before there was ever such at thing as Islam.

Besides, if they was such good Christians then why are they doing the exact opposite of what Jesus would do? I didn't read any stories of Jesus burning the Torah (old testament) when he called them the son of the devil. Or You did see him pissing on a Roman statuette of Zeus. These rednecks kill me. I swear Inbreeding is hell of a diseases.