Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Independent Spiritualist

I created my own term for my religious beliefs. I may just create my own religion that focuses more on spirituality rather than religion as a whole. Its hard to put your faith in a man to deliver the words that were written by another man that was translated many times from different languages that were allegedly orated by God. Then we must come up with our own interpretations of what those scriptures mean.

My philosophy is simple. Attempt to live an honest life. Help those in needs. Make the world a better place. El fin. What more do you need to do? I won't say you can't eat certain things or wear certain ish. I won't dictate your every move. I won't give you consequences for breaking a rule. You know right from wrong. If you feel like you shouldn't do it, don't. My morals may not be the same as yours, but we have the same goals. Eternal Life.

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